5th ECSACOP Annual Scientific Conference

Theme: COVID-19: An African Perspective from Epidemiology to Clinical Management


Join us for the 5th ECSACOP Annual Scientific Conference!

The 5th ECSACOP Annual Conference is proudly sponsored by Pfizer and is hosted virtually by the ECSACOP, in collaboration with the Association of Physicians of Malawi.

It is scheduled to take place on Friday 11th December, 5.00pm CAT (6.00pm EAT)  and Saturday 12th December, 8.30am CAT (9.30am EAT).


ECSACOP will hold its 5th Annual Scientific Conference to discuss the state of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa. The virtual conference aims to bring together physicians, policy makers and industry to promote collaboration, knowledge exchange and to discuss equitable access to diagnostic, preventive and treatment resources for COVID-19 by African populations. The conference will offer a unique and timely forum for examining how Africa and the ECSA region can maximise access to effective COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics at a time when these resources are in high demand in resource-rich settings that bear the brunt of the pandemic.


  1. To share and compare data on epidemiology, clinical features and management of COVID-19 and the impact it has had on healthcare services    across the ECSA region,
  2. To explore research opportunities that will uncover the reasons underlying differences between the African COVID-19 experience and that of other countries worldwide.
  3.  To discuss how Africa should prepare for the prospect of a second wave and how to position itself strategically to ensure equitable access to effective COVID-19 vaccines and therapies.

Expected outcome

  1. Comprehensive understanding of several aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic relevant to Africa and the ECSA region,
  2. Identify, encourage and support Africa-driven COVID-19 research, and specifically to understand why the infection and mortality rates are presumably not as high as in the other parts of the world
  3. Use Africa’s diverse experience from the first wave to inform COVID-19 preventive and treatment services, making use of continental and international organizations to access resources not yet available on the continent.

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The conference theme is ‘ COVID-19; An African Perspective from Epidemiology to Clinical Management’

Sub themes are:

  • Response to COVID-19 in the ECSA region: what have we learnt?
  • Critical Preparedness: Leveraging on Existing Systems to fight a new virus .
  • Adaptive leadership in the context of COVID-19: steering the region through the pandemic.
  • Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic- Lessons in leadership
  • COVID-19 and the health workforce: What we have learned so far.
  • Malawi: COVID-19 in Healthcare workers at QECH
  • Prevalence of COVID-19 in Zambia.
  • Seroprevalence of COVID-19 in patients presenting with acute respiratory tract infections at QECH, Blantyre, Malawi
  • Prevalence of COVID-19 Disease Severity and Mortality by HIV Status in Zambia
  • Setting up and running a COVID-19 service in a low resource setting – the QECH/Blantyre experience
  • Management of COVID-19 in a low resource setting: The Parirenyatwa Hospital/Harare experience.
  • COVID-19 Lung Postmortems in Uganda.
  • Management of Severe COVID in ICU
  • Post COVID Respiratory Syndrome
  • Emerging Therapies for COVID-19
  • Use of Plasma in Covalescent Plasma in COVID-19 Treatment – the Ugandan Experience
  • Zambia: Use of Plasma Exchange in Severe COVID-19 – the Zambian Experience
  • COVID and Diabetes
  • COVID and Neurology
  • COVID-19, the Gut, and the Liver: Making sense of the noise
  • Running renal services in the midst of COVID-19 – the Kenyan experience
  • SARS-CoV-2 infections and the intepretation of laboratory tests


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5th ECSACOP Annual Scientific Conference

Theme: COVID-19: An African Perspective from Epidemiology to Clinical Management


11th - 12th December


Virtual Attendance