Training and assessment

The holder of the FCP(ECSA) qualification is envisaged to be a physician who:
  1. Specialises in all aspects of care of unselected general medical problems, in particular those that involve nonspecific
    symptoms, unusual presentations, multisystem disorders and complex multiple problems                                
  2. Has an approach to practice that is strongly based on clinical skills and who applies technology in an appropriate,
    efficient and economical fashion,efficient and economical fashion
    displays a high level of professionalism in his/her interaction with patients, their relations, colleagues and the
    health system;                       
  3. Is capable of lifelong self-directed learning.
After the first two years, trainees should complete the FCP (Part 1) Examination and be able to take responsibility for emergency medical admissions, deal with life-threatening situations resulting from a variety of causes and be able to diagnose and plan treatment for a variety of common and important medical conditions.

The FCP (Part1) examination does not confer specialist status but qualifies a candidate to register for and pursue higher medical training

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